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We also offer great rates on Owner Operator Insurance in Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Dump Truck Insurance, and Moving Truck Insurance in Pennsylvania.

Hotshot Insurance Pennsylvania — Hard to Find, Yes, But Not with Us!

Pennsylvania Hotshot Truck Insurance is hard to find, but not for us! Why?

We specialize in Pennsylvania Hotshot Truck Insurance and we represent Pennsylvania Hotshot Insurance Companies that would love to earn your business!

Why is it so hard to find this type of specialty Pennsylvania Trucking Insurance?

In one word — Claims.  This is a class of business that many insurance companies offering commercial auto insurance want to avoid like the plague!

So, for this reason few companies offer this type of coverage making it more difficult for truckers.

How can you find the best Pennsylvania Hotshot Insurance Companies?

By working with a company like Pathway Insurance.

As a specialist we find Pennsylvania Hotshot Insurance Companies that offer insurance for new business ventures, established companies, and companies that have claims problems.

Claims problems can lead to business closures. Example: one company had a thriving transportation business that was suddenly shut down because they could not find affordable insurance after a series of unfortunate claim events.

Could that happen to you?  It could, especially if you misuse your insurance.

One of our goals and objectives is to help our policyholders and even those not yet insured with us understand how insurance companies view claims.

We use fictitious claim scenarios that will help you to better understand how Pennsylvania Hotshot Insurance Companies underwrite insurance policies, how claims are paid, (or not) and how insurance companies handle changes in business operations — for instance let’s assume a new company is started with the objective of offering towing and road side assistance.

How would the insurance company view a company that starts out offering the typical towing for hire service to customers and then later begins to offer auto transportation services for dealerships, auctions, and private owners versus traditional road side assistance towing services?

We will consider that in one scenario plus many others situations that will get you into trouble so stay tuned!

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